Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sizzler is the new black

Got home from work later than usual last night, absolutely nothing decent to eat in the house for dinner- except for an open can of spagetti-o's and that would only Love me some spagetti-o's. ANYWHO!
Cort's been on this pizza kick....
nothing for dinner- PIZZA
nothing for lunch- PIZZA
Herniated disc- PIZZA
Late for a funeral- PIZZA
the funny thing is, he keeps bringing it up as an option and we haven't had yet, but just his constant idea has completely turned me off...I'm sick of pizza and haven't even taken a bite!

So we hop in the car and try the "spot a restaurant" game. You know, you just start driving and whatever you pass you shout point on the right "how bout Red Lobster?"...oh look there on the left "olive garden". We ended up at Sizzler..yeah yeah Sizzler. For some reason Sizzler reminds Cort of Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown so Cort keeps performing these really bad Whitney impersonations "Bobby, get me some Mabilu Chicken (spelling error intentional)"

So we walk in and let me just throw this in there- Cort & I have been avoiding a lot of questionably public places lately because our little ball of toddlerness...for several reasons....most importantly she has no stranger danger and cannot tell the difference between inside & outside voices/behavior....she also lacks your basic sanity. So Sizzler probably wasn't the greatest choice but I was hungry and becoming bitchy... (WATCH IT!)

So we walk in and your usual crowd that frequents the Sizzler is representin...the dirty, the fat, the ugly...most of all though the swingin kids in their early 100s. I had no idea this is where our seniors came to chew their last steak. Cort and I opted for the Salad Bar with the mind set we could run up, grab our food & shove it down before Quinn had time to play the steak sauce bottle like a guitar, watch the lid fly off and pour down her brand new outfit, all over the booth and into the carpet....we were wrong. Salad Bar was like watching one legged, blind lab rats hunt for the last piece of moldy cheese. I had more than one 90 yr old say to me "go ahead of me" and usher me with their wrinkly hand onto the next item. UNFORTUNATELY there were about 25 seniors at any given time using the actual bar as a arm/elbow/chest rest. You couldn't get to anything. At one point I had to make some serious my beets while they were still chilled or wait for the you can egg for me last night. No a lot of broccoli, cauliflower, baby was a sad salad with several limitations- definitely not all you can eat.
But the service made up for everything
1st of all- we had no idea until we were paying...3 years & under are FREE!!! WOOHOO! You mean Q can actually waste your food and I don't have to pay for it???? SWEET!
2nd- they are extremely child friendly....again, I had no idea, I never paired Sizzler with screaming children....I would more think Whitney & Bobby...but not Bobby Christina
A. They sat us in a back corner booth! No I was not offended, I was impressed..."yes my child is a hellion, do you have anything on the roof or perhaps in the kitchen"
B. They would sporadically come by and compliment whatever...yeah I think she's adorable too...
3rd- they checked on us a bajillion times...and Cort ran to the bathroom and said "hey when she comes back order me more shrimp"...she came back WITH SHRIMP!! I never had time to ask... AT THE SIZZLER!!
4th- 2 different "house managers" came by to ask us how everything first I thought they were doing it because Quinn had grabbed their blinds and was screaming "HIIIIII" at the people eating on the deck, then dumped the sugar packets out of the container and threw them at the senior citizens sitting behind us...but then I noticed they were going to every table checking on everyone

So in conclusion: if you can get passed the nearly dead and maybe you should avoid the salad bar. And if you can swallow an average piece of steak...Sizzler is not so bad....definitely a good alternative to McDonald's

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Totally Turned Off

I like to think if people had to tag me as a conservative or liberal they would lean more liberal. But after the parent meeting at Quinn's school last night I'm not sure where I fall.

The school I chose for Quinn is an extremely liberal, creative, loosely structured ...well it's Waldorf . Very holistic approach to education; they respect nature, they learn where everything comes from, they learn to understand and love everyone and it's pretty cool. HOWEVER, the lack of organization, communication and the overall SNOTTINESS of this place is really getting to me.

I love Quinn's teacher and I love the woman who runs the school- I don't love the woman's husband. He's a complete ass. We show up at this meeting last night with a salad. The email specifically said- "it's a potluck, bring a dish" so the woman that runs the place, rushes over and says "oh thank god you brought something, barely anyone did so thank you!" I go to put it on the table and her asshole husband comes over and goes "what is that"I reply "Oriental chicken salad". His response "you better let everyone know it's not vegetarian". That's #1 oh and cram this salad spoon up your ungrateful vegetarian ass.

#2. We're in this meeting and they are going over the 5 year goal for the school. They are also discussing the fundamental beliefs of the school for example: tolerance. That's when asshole chimes in "I want to be clear there are certain things we are not tolerant of; it's our biggest pet peeve when kids wear Spiderman or Batman shirts or Dora...we are not tolerant of that". And we're not tolerant when they draw pictures of Television characters because those are someone else's artistic creations".

WHAT THE FUH? SERIOUSLY! Guess I've been in radio too long. Yeah I understand TV kills your brain, yeah I understand someone else came up with Spiderman. But inspiration comes from somewhere different for everyone....I do not want someone condescendingly and militantly telling my child they are a loser if they enjoy watching an episode of Dancing with the Stars. But let's be honest it was the mention of Dora that really pissed me off. Quinn loves Dora. Yeah we let her watch Nick Jr. and she asks to watch Dora. But more than anything my kid wants to go outside and play and draw pictures with her sidewalk chalk. Or rock her baby to sleep. or dance. My child is extremely creative and can still watch Dora...HOLY SHIT WHAT A CONCEPT.

A shocking fact they mentioned last night was 90% of the students last year did not return to the school this year....shocking no more...they are snobs...they make you feel like you are not part of the club unless you succumb to all of their "pet peeves" (that was one of my favorite parts...when he said unprofessional).

Like I said, I thought I was a hippie I thought this school was pretty liberal/hippie, but Sarah told me once even hippies can be militant...and I think that's what I've run into here. I thought we would all hold hands and love each other and there was no wrong answer....apparently there is. This is just the kind of stuff I try to stay away from, I hate when people tell you if you do this or this then you are no longer part of the club. It reminds me a lot of religion...which we all know what I think of that.

Sadly, I think after this spring session is over I'm taking Quinn out and moving her to Montessori. At least there I know they are cool with Quinn wearing a Dora shirt.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I mean it this time

It's not you, it's me. Don't question yourself..I'm back....for good... No honey, I've always loved you, I was just going through one of those periods where I just needed to be alone to figure out what I really wanted in my life.... and that's you, I'll never doubt our relationship again. Don't you see how good we are together? I want to grow old with you and watch you crash my computer and have little baby blogs. Please trust me....and trust in our power of posting...

Friday, April 6, 2007

It's Friday

I'm having a pretty good hair day.
I was also hit on by a 17 year old boy at my event today...whilst wearing my wedding ring
perhaps I could win the lottery