Friday, May 23, 2008

Stranger Danger

I have to post this before I forget.
The other day I was teaching Quinn about strangers for several reasons...
A. She's 3 years old now and waaaaayyyy to friendly
B. She's got Blond hair & Blue eyes - she's prime real estate
C. I watch TOO much TV and am freaked about someone abducting her
(GIMME A BREAK- I live in the Elizabeth Smart city!)

So the conversation went a little something like this:

I gave her several definitions of what strangers are.....people you don't know, people who don't know you. People you don't know who are playing at the park. People mommy doesn't know, people who want to hurt you, people who may not want to hurt you but YOU DON'T KNOW...

I got into the "strangers are sometimes people who take little kids...."

This clearly is way too much info for a 3 year old!

So I start doing the "Is mommy a stranger?"

Q- Nooooo

Me- Is Daddy a Stranger?

Q- Nooooo

........and this went on and on....

So finally at the end of the conversation it was time for a quiz....and I said
"Okay, Quinn now let's say someone you don't know comes up to you and says 'Hey Quinn, here's some candy, come get in my car'...what do you say?"

Quinn's answer "Thanks!"

AGGHHHHHHH!!! Seriously it was like a 15 minute lecture on Strangers and all my 3 year old got out of it was nice manners to strangers!!

Gotta love it!

Also- just a side note- if anyone's heard that song by Leona Lewis "Bleeding Love". Quinn sings it "You cut my finger and I keep bleeding, I keep keep bleeding". Or today she started singing "I cut my sister Sloane and she keeps bleeding, she keeps keeps bleeding"

Here's the video if you're not familiar with the song....the artist has disabled the embedding so I couldn't just put it on here...sorry!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Twice the speed of light

Yes Yes, I know it's been a million years since I posted last....simmer down now!

The problem is that I think of posts like this big, overwhelming school science project that's due the next day and I haven't even started collecting my specimens or preparing my beakers....or whatever (I dropped out of chemistry in 10th grade...don't judge me!). So I need to start thinking of them as casual journal entries....WHICH- I do believe is what blogs are really supposed to be....Oh and my other reason of course is because I had a kid....yeah

And it's my second (most of you who read this blog already know that!) and so it goes, even though she's simply gorgeous, and we love her just as much as the last, she sadly gets all the hand-me-downs. No new bassinet or crib here....I'm sure if we could- we would reuse Quinn's old disposable diapers....but I digress (that's not what this post is about)

No- this post is about having 2 children. Not 1.....(ohh parents of one child, if only!! If only the world was that easy!) but 2!!

TWO, Bank Breaking, Sleep Depriving, Toy Breaking, Screaming, Fighting, Double your pleasure Double your Fun, Double your Car seats, Double your laundry, Quadruple your insanity CHILDREN!

I love them, I love them YES I do! But I really really had no idea what I was in for!!!

I had no idea I would be secretly scheduling my alone time in my an affair...scheming the next time I could see that fun, attractive, sexy beast of alone time...and how parting from it is such sweet sorrow....

ME- "but I LOVE YOU...when can I see you again?"

ALONE TIME- "Soon, no one must know about us, they will try to tear us apart if they find out, we should be as quiet as possible so they don't know we're hiding in here.....the bathroom....pretending to have a massive, lengthy bout of diarrhea"

ME- "I promise I won't tell anyone, but please promise me you'll be back!"

A.T.- "I promise, you must go now!"

"I love you!", I whisper..

And just like that, alone time is gone....whisked away just as quickly as it came into my life. And again I sit silently trying to mentally picture our next rendezvous.

But wait, while you're trying to visualize this you must add in about 18 other tasks I am completing at the same time. I now know I can wipe a butt, change the channel and clean yogurt off my floor ALL at the same time! The next time you hear someone say "I can't do that I don't have a third arm". Take a look at them, chances are they don't have more than one kid. because you see, third arms suddenly appear when you are juggling TONS OF SHIT...and I mean shit literally and figuratively. Juggling is no longer a talent, it's a requirement! What really sucked is when I had to go back to work. The juggling was no longer just chauffeuring, kid needs, husband needs, house needs....I then had to add in work needs and scheduling fiascos.

I know this is all part of being a mom and I know one day I will look back and miss these days. I know I really will, but I just have to admit that I was not prepared for the second coming..........