Saturday, May 5, 2007

Do Ladies Really Love Country Boys?

There's a new song out by Trace Adkins that states just that "Ladies Love Country Boys". I've dated....well...probably one country boy that I would stereotypically label such in my entire life and..umm....didn't love it so much.
For a few reasons...
1. He chewed- barf
2. He was a butcher-double barf
3. He wore wranglers-mmmkay, I can handle but he was stick skinny...
4. Poor grammar, vocab, etc.
5. Beer, Jeep Wrangler, Beer
6. And then there was the occasional show/musical/ballet that I wanted to see or that new sushi restaurant to try .... these things were really not up his alley and he would refuse...Red Lobster was as ritzy as it was gettin

OH SHIT! I forgot the best one of all
- I HATE THESE offense to ...well...yeah OFFENSE BIG-HARD-CORE-INTENTIONAL- OFFENSE! Dirt Bikes drive me nuts probably because of this relationship. I could've been hit by a bus, dead for 3 weeks and if he was busy racing he would have no clue. I'm convinced those bikes are a replacement for significant emotional distress, joy or what-have-you. If you race dirt bikes I question your childhood and capacity to hold a decent relationship & job.

So this probably doesn't sum up every "Country Boy". I hope there's a country boy out there graduated with honors from Yale, makes over 1mil./yr, recycles and just strives to make the world a better place. oh and I hope he drives a hybrid and HATES DIRT BIKES!