Friday, July 20, 2007

This really breaks my heart

How sad....Tammy Faye Baker

Saturday, July 7, 2007


You be the judge!

The Real Queen of England and other random thoughts

I watched the Concert for Diana last Sunday. If you're unfamiliar with it- it was the concert Prince William and Prince Harry put on for their Mother- she would have been 46 years old on July 1st.
Anyway, I know Francofiles are people obsessed with everything French- I don't know what the proper term is for someone obsessed with the Brits but my friend Sonia says the slang term is I'm a pommy...
I want to be British, I want to at least pretend I'm British and I want to act like I know everything about the Brits...and I was only there for 8 days! I think this has to do with the women in my family...I was raised being woken up at 3 am to watch the royal weddings there ya go.
I digress- so back to the concert.
So Wills & Harry put this thing together...err or their people put this thing together. I mean I've put a lot of big events together and those 2 princes were sitting enjoying the show so in no way shape or form did they have a huge organizing task in this or they would have not been sitting enjoying the entire show. They would've been backstage putting out ten thousand fires. Which I've been told all trace back to Elton John.
In the radio biz, you do get the inside info on a lot of artists and although Elton isn't really in the format I work, I have heard a lot about him and his demands.
Don't get me wrong- the man is a gazzillionaire with more talent in his one earring than I have in my entire body. But Mary Please!
Concert For Diana: Elton opened it and closed it. So during the final bits of the show, Ricky Gervais came out to do a few minutes of standup and then to introduce Elton. Poor Ricky ended up having to stall for an extra 10 minutes because Elton was refusing to come out. I have heard this happens more than not at his concerts. BUT THIS WASN'T HIS CONCERT. This is what goes down normally (so I've been told). If his mic, or monitor or whatever levels are not exactly to his perfection he will refuse to play. He will not come out of his dressing room and he will not get dressed. It usually takes someone a few minutes to talk him into doing the rest of his show- promising him there will be no more problems with his equipment. I'm hear to tell you, when dealing with audio equipment LIVE...shit happens and when you throw a diva in the're fucked! Like I said this wasn't his show, this was for someone else and every artist was doing it for I don't know why he felt he could take a stand. Also, the Princes asked him to come to an after party at which Elton was required to walk to on his own two feet and he was super pissed about that.
I mean not even Queen Lizzie pitches fits about bucking up and taking it like a man sometimes....
I do have to say I think it was bad form that neither the Queen nor Prince Charles made a cameo at the event...hey I told you I was a pommy....