Monday, August 27, 2007

Miss South Carolina

Such as....

The Happiest Place on Earth

Mom & Michelle leaving the castle

Cort w/Q riding Dumbo.

We took a quick trip to DLand and Huntington Beach this past week and had a wonderful time. As we're enjoying the scenery walking down Main St, my 16 almost 17 year old cousin Malia

said something very entertaining "What is it with the adults obsessed with Disney characters....that's a little odd don't ya think?"

Yes I do think. What is with them? Why are there 45 year old women decked from head to toe in "MINNIE MOUSE FOREVER" gear waiting in line for Goofy's autograph? Why are their grown men with over hanging beer guts donning the Buzz Light Year "To Infinity & Beyond" Glow in the dark T-shirt with X-Ray Goggles? I'm all for buying crap and wearing while in the park...ONLY in the park, but my next door neighbor has an "Em Eye See, Kay EE Y" License plate cover and she's in her mid 30's....might explain why the perpetual state of singledom....hmmm

How do these people function at normal jobs? "oh look there's Bob over by the copier with his dumbo ears on again, silly Bob....I heard he's hitting the park again this weekend with his annual pass"

"Ooh Judy's got a new screen saver of Tinkerbell and she bought the latest Tink mug for her 50th birthday"

How do people take them seriously in meetings? "Let's get this meeting was everyone's weekend? I personally went to the Princess Cove and hear Ariel read from Under the Sea and bought myself a Pirates Costume.....Susan what did you do? "I cleaned my house and argued with my husband like a normal human being Ralph"

Do they think someday someone in the park will recognize them as the "ultimate fan" and award them with something? Perhaps Mickey's hand in marriage? A night alone with Minnie on the Jungle Safari?

Do they think they will find their soulmate at the Park- someone just as obsessed as they are and they can make sweet sweet Walt Disney love?

Maybe their not concerned with finding a mate, but what is their joy waking up in the morning? Getting online to see how much the bid is now for the Mickey and Minnie Trader pins? (adding to that; I thought trader pins were so 2001 but apparently not, they are all over the park and outside the park with beautiful middle aged women wearing them....I wonder if these are the same women that still collect beanie babies?)

Enough of my rant, we had a great time and my two year old now loves Mickey Mouse who she affectionately refers to as "Mickey Nose"....we really don't know why. I do want to leave you with one more little tid bit I just found on the "net"....a chat group for over zealous adult Disney's Brian's Story: ENJOY!

Brian (Tiggerguy) Moderator/Keeper of the Lists
It wasn't until he was 33 that Brian made his first trek down to Disney World in March of 1990. He liked it so much that he has been back every year since. He has also made four trips out to Disneyland. He became very interested in Disney Trivia in 1995 when he first got connected to Compuserve, one of the very first providers of internet service. He has been playing Disney Trivia there every Tuesday night since. Brian discovered by reading a message that Lou had posted on the rec.arts.disney.park (RADP) news group in early 2004. He visited the site a few times before deciding to join and enjoyed it so much that he volunteered to help Lou moderate it. Every chance he gets, he tells people to come to the site for fun and get information. Brian has the distinction of being the very first customer to Lou's logo store when he introduced it. As "Keeper of the Lists" Brian keeps tracks of active members birthdays, anniversaries and weekly membership growth. His other duties include giving history of what has happened at Disney and other interesting tidbits.
Favorite Resort: Wilderness Lodge

Favorite Park: Animal Kingdom

Favorite Attraction: MuppetVision 3D

Favorite Meal: Beef Filet Mignon at Jiko

Favorite Characters: Sorcerer Mickey/Tigger (of course!)


Saturday, August 4, 2007

How Rude!

When I became pregnant this 2nd time I got some weird comments when I told people. Normally when someone tells me their pregnant as long as they're not a 16 year old meth addict my first reaction is "congratulations". Somewhere along the way, this response is no longer the first instinctual one in other adults. Instead this is how a couple of my situations went down.

Randi "hey I'm pregnant"
Person not to be named "congratulations, if that's what you really want".....WTF? If that's what you really want? who says shit like that?

2nd situation
Randi "I'm pregnant"
Person not to be named "oh I thought you and Cort didn't want anymore kids?" again HUH??? I responded by saying "no we've never said that"...because we never HAVE said that....where do people come up with this shit. Why not shut your mouth and JUST.SAY. congrats?

The final topper for Cort was he was out getting lunch the other day and ran into a former colleague of ours. The first question out of her mouth was not, how's life, how's Quinn, how's was "so are you and Randi still together"...??? It really irritated Cort and the more I think about it, like how is that the first question out of your bout maybe you warm up to that?

I just don't get people sometimes these days. It makes me want to lock myself in my house and just hang out with my kid.