Monday, December 3, 2007

Get outta my dreams.........

So at 7 1/2 months pregnant I'm finally sleeping again but I'm getting REALLY PISSED OFF because every time I close my eyes I'm ending up in some scenario with this guy! Don't get me wrong I do love me some Jim from The Office and it would be totally different if these dreams were sexual in any way...BUT THEY'RE NOT. We're like making dinner or having a political discussion or doing other things that are utterly NON-SEXUAL. Bummer really....and since we're not getting our freak on I'd really like to have some simple classic REM (and I'm not talking about Michael Stipe). I would like to fall asleep and dream of nothing. I'm not sure why my head always has to be going at this stage in the game and it's not like I could finish off a bottle of wine before I went to sleep because I'm sure that would really help with any type of dreaming whatsoever.
And so I never thought I would say this but, "Mr. John Krasinksi either put out or get out"